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Classification of ~

Caiman, Caimans

Caimanops, Mulga Dragon

Calabria reinhardtii, African Burrowing Python

Callisaurus, Zebra-Tailed Lizard

Calodactylodes, Golden Geckos

Calotes, Bloodsuckers, Beauty Lizards

Calyptotis skinks

Calumma chameleons

Carettochelys, Fly River Turtle

Carinatogecko, Keel-Scaled Geckos

Carpet Pythons, see Morelia spilota ssp.

Carphodactylidae Geckos

Carphodactylus, Chameleon Geckos

Cat Gecko, see Aeluroscalabotes felinus

Caudata, Newts and Salamanders

Centrolenidae, Ghost/Glass Frogs

Ceratophora, Horned Agamas

Chalarodon, Dwarf Malagasy Iguana

Chalcides skinks

Chalcides ocellatus, Ocellated/Barrel Skink


~ as a "Level 1" lizard


Experiences with and observations of ~

Chamaeleo chameleons



~ as a "Level 3" captive


European ~


Some notes on ~

Chelosania, Chameleon Dragon

Chelydra serpentina, Common Snapping Turtle

Chelydridae, Snapping and Big-Headed Turtles

Chinese Water Dragon, see Physignathus

Chioglossa, Golden-Striped Salamander

Chioninia, Cape Verde Skinks

Chlamydosaurus, Frilled Lizard

Chondrodactylus geckos

Christinus geckos

Chrysemys, Painted Turtles

Claudius, Narrow Bridged Musk Turtles


Coeranoscincus, Snake-Toothed Skinks

Coleodactylus geckos

Coleonyx geckos


~ brevis, Texas Banded Gecko


~ elegans, Yucatan Banded Gecko


~ mitratus, Central American Banded Gecko


~ reticulatus, Reticulated Gecko


~ switaki, Barefoot Gecko


~ variegatus, Western Banded Gecko

Colopus wahlbergi, Kalahari Ground Gecko

Colubridae snakes

Common Snapping Turtle, see Chelydra serpentina

Complicitus, Black-Throated Bloodsucker

Cophotis, Sri Lankan Deaf Agama

Cordylids, Girdled Lizards

Coronella, Smooth Snakes

Coryphophlax, Nicobar Forest Dragons

Corytophanes, Helmeted Iguanas

Crenodactylus, Clawless Gecko

Crocodylus, crocodiles

Crossobamon geckos

Cryptactites geckos

Cryptagama, Gravel Dragon

Cryptoblepharus, Coral-Rag or Shinning Skinks

Cryptobranchidae (Giant Salamanders)

Cryptobranchoidae (Order of Cryptobranchid Salamanders)

Cryptobranchus allegianensis (Hellbender)


~ as pets

Cunningham's Skinks, see Egernia cunninghami

Cyclocorus, Triangular-Spotted Snakes

Cyclodina skinks

Cyclura, Rhinoceros Iguanas

Cylindrophiidae, Cylinder Snakes

Cylindrophis, Cylinder Snakes

Cynops, Fire-Bellied Newts

Cyrtopodion, Thin-Toed Geckos


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