Added 13 February 2005.

A look at the Family Agamidae


Mulga Dragon


A monotypic genus found in Western Australia.

Species Name Common Name Distribution Size Notes
C. amphiboluroides  Mulga Dragon  Australia (Western Australia) 9½cm SVL, 24-25cm TL  A short-limbed species with a blunt-tipped tail and distinctive wedge-shaped snout. It is found in mulga woodlands and shrublands on heavy, often stony, soils in the arid interior, although its range does reach the coast at its western end. Behaviourally it is slow-moving, slinking rather than fleeing from view and relying on crypsis to merge with fallen timber. Scalation details: 5 low dorsal crests of enlarged spinose scales, of which the vertebral is the largest and continous, the other 4 being smaller and broken up; other dorsal, lateral and ventral scales have low keels; gular scales are smooth, but caudal scales strongly keeled; 1-3 (usually 2 as per Cogger) preanal pores on each side. Coloration: grey to greyish-brown with a dark brown dorsolateral stripe running from the jaws to the tailbase and a narrower lateral stripe from the axilla of the forelimb to the groin; 3-5 paravertebral dark brown blotches between head and hips; various dark brown markings on the head; ventrally white, sometimes with faint longitudinal lines..