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A look at the Family Agamidae


Bay Islands Forest Lizard


A genus similar in appearance to Gonyocephalus (and indeed formerly a member of that genus): however, in Coryphophylax the tail is easily broken and regenerates. For a long time just the one species was known, although it was suspected that it was a complex of two: finally in 2012 a further species was identified. Like Gonocephalus these are arboreal agamids.

I have not so far seen this species offered in the pet trade, which may be due to its restricted range. See Manthey and Schuster for husbandry suggestions.

Species Name

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C. brevicaudus

Short-Tailed Bay Island Forest Lizard

India (Andaman Islands)

Described in 2012: see Reptile Database entry for details.

C. subcristatus 

Short-Crested Bay Islands Forest Lizard, Nicobar Forest Dragon 

India (Andaman and Nicobar Islands) 

(m) SVL 10cm, TL 37cm 

Scalation: 7-8 supralabials, 7-8 infralabials; upper head scales unequal in size, strongly keeled; few enlarged tubercles on back of head; gular sac very small, gular scales smaller than ventrals, keeled; nuchal crest not continuous with dorsal crest, formed of triangular spines, of which largest is slightly smaller than diameter of eye-opening, inserted on slight fold of the skin; dorsal crest a serrated ridge; dorsal scales small, keeled, keels pointing upwards and backwards, with few irregularly scattered enlarged scales; ventral scales rather small, strongly keeled; upper surfaces of limbs with subequal keeled scales. Other: snout longer than diameter of orbit; canthus rostralis and supraciliary edge sharp; tympanum nearly as large as eye-opening; 3rd and 4th fingers equal. Tail: strongly compressed, with serrated upper edge and keeled scales which are larger ventrally. Coloration: juveniles and females uniformly greenish or with black markings; males with variable reticulate markings or dark brown vertical stripes on flanks with yellow or red spaces between. Reproduction: no details currently available [SOURCES: Boulenger, Manthey & Schuster]