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A look at the Family Agamidae



A relatively new genus created after the systematic revision of Calotes.

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C. nigrigularis

Black-Throated Bloodsucker

Malaysia (Borneo, Sabah)

?? SVL 

Formerly assigned to Calotes and then Bronchocela. A large-headed agamid with the areas around the jaw angles being rather inflated. The small tubercular scales on the shoulder form a characteristic "pit". It is found in the highlands at altitudes of 1300-2500m, where it may also be seen by the roadside on rocks or posts. Scalation details: rostral small, bordered by 2 labials and 5 postrostral scales; nasal rather large, nostril occupying less than half of its area, separated from rostral by single scale; elongate supranasal; 4 scales in canthal row, canthal edge rather short; 3 superciliaries; dorsal head scales smooth and unequal; supraorbital area bordered by row of larger and unequal scales; supraorbital areas separated by 2 scale rows; 15-17 unequal supraoculars; tympanum large; 9 supralabials, 8 infralabials; mental has labial border equal to that of rostral. Dorsal scalation: nuchal crest rather high, beginning between pair of slightly elongate, somewhat elevated ridges on occiput; scales of crest crest flattened, compressed, highest at back of head and continuous with a low serrated dorsal crest. Ventral scalation: larger than lateral scales, keeled. Tail: base swollen, surrounded by 15 scale rows; scales keeled. Other: approx. 43 scale rows around middle of body; scales on limbs keeled; throat has suggestion of a pouch; lateral scales also keeled. Coloration: overall olive or greenish but dirty gery-blue on head, body and limbs; back of head and neck olive-grey; tail olive-greenish; infralabials bluish; black mark along supralabials, leaving a series of tiny bluish spots on labials; light line runs from below the eye to the tympanum. Reproduction: 2-4 eggs laid in sandy soil between October and December. [SOURCES: Manthey and Schuster, Taylor]. 


“A systematic revision of Calotes Cuvier, 1817 (Squamata: Agamidae) from the Western Ghats adds two genera and reveals two new species”, Saunak Pal, S P Vijakakumar, Kartik Shanker, Aditi Jayaran, V Deepak, Zootaxa Vol 4482 No 3, September 2018.