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LONG, LONG AGO, IN A GALAXY FAR AWAY.... WELL, OKAY, LONG TIME NO UPDATE. Although I have said before that this site is certainly not in the nature of a blog, I confess that we had a hiatus of a few years, but more recently we've got back up and running, not only with the herpetological magazine articles (which is a never-ending job, and that is a very good thing in a way!) but with adding and updating species entries.

After a month spent at the beginning of the year extensively updating the frogs and toads, we switched orders again and have worked extensively on the chelonians (tortoises, turtles and terrapins). This is not least because their taxonomy has been relatively stable compared with some of the other orders, and partly because even in these days of taxonomic splitting there are still only a few hundred species, so the possibility of getting at least some details down for most if not all species is a feasible goal. For a similar reason we have virtually completed the crocodilians.

Another ongoing work is the blind- and thread snakes, which over the last few years have been substantially reclassified.

As I said, a continuing work in progress is the Herpetological Magazine Index. This requires a bit of rejigging following a lot of the reclassification work work, especially for the frogs and toads. Again in an ideal world we would have some sort of cross-referencing system between species listings and magazine article listings, but to be honest that's still some way off.

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