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WELCOME to the Cyberlizard site, home of the Cyberlizard Reptile Pages and a host of other stuff, somehow vaguely related (amphibians, music, cult TV and some heavier items). From 1998 this site was hosted by Direct Connection (as it then was) at, but we moved to PlusNet in 2005 for a couple of reasons, one of which was the much more generous webspace allocation. This should allow us to put up more photographs, as well as the information pages.

First of all I want to thank everyone who's either signed the Guest Book or sent us an E-mail, either with comments or questions. It's been encouraging, not least to let us know that people are actually reading the pages we put on the Web.

Some people may notice that this site is not as graphical as a lot of others on the Net. This is partly because although I now have a good camera, some good pictures and a working scanner, there is a price to be paid for graphics. Graphics eat up a lot of space and memory, and not all Web browsers (yes, there are other browsers beside Netscape and Microsoft Explorer!) support graphics. We have started adding a little more graphical content, mainly thumbnail pictures of reptiles and other animals to help in a guide. However, these pages are designed mainly with the idea of providing information and shared experiences on the animal front and in other areas hopefully raising a smile or provoking some thought. I've also found it frustrating when visiting large commercial sites with Carlos-Fandango-all-singing-all-dancing graphics and having to wait five minutes for each page to slowly load up, weighed down by the sheer amount of fancy art work and pretty but useless animation. Enough said!

This is primarily a site dedicated to the care of reptiles and amphibians, plus some natural history and care of other animals such as rodents, with a secondary emphasis on music, films, books, games and cult TV. If you are at all interested in where we stand on life's big questions, go to Weightier Matters on the home page. Specifically reptile-related issues (such as the standard of care provided by certain big stores or the debate over the RSPCA) are dealt with on the reptile pages.

Please have a browse through the site or search through what interests you, and please let us know whether you like it or not. Any and all constructive criticism is welcome in the CyberBurrow.


Standing on the shoulders of giants - some notes about the reptile, amphibian and other animal pages on this site.

The Cyberlizard Roll of Honour - an ongoing vote of thanks for people who have helped us with these pages.

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