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Pachydactylus, Thick-Toed/Rough Geckos

Pachytriton, Paddle-Tail Newts

Paleosuchus, Caimans

Paramesotriton, Warty Newts

Paranaja, Burrowing Cobra

Parvoscincus skinks

Pedioplanis, Sand Lizards

Pedostibes, Tree Toads

Pelobates, Spadefoot Toads

Pelobatidae, European Spadefoot Toads

Pelodytes, Parsley Frogs

Pelodytidae, Parsley Frogs and relatives

Peltocephalus dumerilianus, Big-Headed (Amazon) River Turtle

Pelturagonia, Bornean Eyebrow Lizards

Perochirus, Saw-Tailed Geckos

Phaeognathus, Red-Hills Salamander

Phelsuma, Day Geckos


~ as a "Level 2" pet

Philochortus, Shield-Backed Lizards

Phoxophrys, Hubrecht's Eyebrow Lizard

Phrynocephalus, Toad-Headed Agamas

Phyllodactylidae, Leaf-Toed Geckos

Phyllurus Geckos

Physignathus, Asian Water Dragons

Pink-Tongue Skink, see Hemisphaeriodon gerrardi

Pipidae, Clawed Frogs

Platycephalum, Big-Headed Turtle

Plestiodon skinks

Plethodontidae, Lungless Salamanders

Pleurodeles, Sharp-Ribbed Newts

Plica, Tree Runners

Podarcis, Wall Lizards

Pogona, Bearded Dragons

Pogona vitticeps, (Inland) Bearded Dragons


~ as a "Level 1" lizard

Polychrus, Bush Anoles

Pomorera, Striped Lizard

Psammodromus, Sand Racers


~ in Europe

Psammophilus, Indian Rock Agamas

Pseudemys, Cooters

Pseuderemias, Greater Racerunners

Pseudidae, Pseudid Frogs

Pseudohaje, Tree Cobras

Pseudotrapelus, Sinai Agama

Podarcis, Wall Lizards

Pseudobranchus, Dwarf Sirens

Pseudogekko, False Geckos

Pseudogonatodes, Pygmy/South American Clawed Geckos

Pseudopus apoda, Scheltopusik

Pseudothecadactylus Geckos

Ptychozoon, Flying/Gliding Geckos

Ptyctolaemus, Blue-Throated Lizards

Ptyodactylus, Fan-Fingered Geckos

Python species

Pythonodipsas, Western Keeled Snake

Pythons, A Quick Guide to


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