Added 8 April 2004.




Daboia russelii, Russell's Viper

Darevskia, Rock Lizards


~ in Europe

Dasypeltis, African Egg-Eating Snake

Day Geckos, see Phelsuma

Deirochelys, Chicken Turtle

Dendragama, Boulenger's Tree Agama/Sumatran Tree Dragon

Dendrobatidae, Poison Dart Frogs

Dermatemys, Central American/Mesoamerican River Turtle/Tabasco Turtle

Dermochelys, Leatherback Turtle

Desmognathus, Dusky Salamanders

Diamond Python, see Morelia spilota ssp.

Diplodactylid Geckos

Diplodactylus Geckos

Dipsosaurus, Desert Iguana

Discoglossidae, Painted Frogs and relatives


~ of Europe



~ of Europe

Dixonius geckos

Draco, Flying Lizards

Dravidogecko, Forest Geckos


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