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A look at the

Subfamily GEKKONINAE - "True" Geckos


Genus DRAVIDOGECKO - Forest Geckos

Until recently a monotypic genus. Some authorities consider this to be synonymous with Hemidactylus, but Daniel distinguishes it from the latter genus by the presence of single lamellae beneath the digits.

Murthy gives the characteristics of the genus as follows: granulated body, clawed digits, undivided subdigital lamellae and eyes with vertical pupil. Males have both preanal and femoral pores. He describes the geckos of this genus as “rare”.

Scientific Name 

Common Name 





D. anamallensis

Southern Forest Gecko

S India

TL 9½cm (SVL 45 mm)

Found (as name suggests) in forested areas in South India. Details: single lamellae beneath dilated digits; toes with a rudiment of web. Tail cylindrical and swollen at the base. Male with a continuous series of preano-femoral pores from 4 to 24. Coloration: overall grey-brown, with transverse bands: Murthy describes it as greyish-brown above and marbled with light dots; brownish-white below. See photograph in Daniel. [SOURCE: Daniel, Murthy]


The Book of Indian Reptiles and Amphibians, J C Daniel, Bombay Natural History Society, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2002.



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