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Lacerta, Green Lizards


~ in Europe

Lacerta lepida, Eyed/Jewelled/Ocellated Lizard


~ as a Level 1 pet


Experiences and observations of ~

Lacertidae, True Lizards

Lacertoides, New Caledonian Leopard Skink

Laemanctus, Cone-Headed/Casque-Headed Lizards

Lampropeltis, Kingsnakes and Milk Snakes

Lamprophis, Brown House Snakes

Lankascincus, Sri Lankan Tree Skinks

Latastia, Long-Tailed Lizards

Laudakia stellio, the Hardun


Natural History and Care


~ in Europe

Leioheterodon, Malagasy Hognose Snakes

Leiopelmatidae, New Zealand Frogs

Leiopython, White-Lipped Python

Lepidoblepharis geckos

Lepidodactylus, Scaly-Toed Geckos

Leptodactylidae, Leptodactylid Frogs

Leptotyphlopidae, Slender Blind Snakes, Thread Snakes

Leurognathus marmoratus, Shovel-Nosed Salamander

Liasis pythons

Liotyphlops blind snakes

Liua, hynobid salamanders


Loxocemus bicolor, New World Python

Lucasium, Beaded Gecko

Luperosaurus, Wolf/Flap-Legged Geckos

Lygodactylus, Painted Geckos

Lygosoma, Writhing Skinks

Lyriocephalus, Lyre-Headed Agama


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