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A look at the Family Agamidae


Night Agamas


The genus Lophocalotes contains the single species L. ludekingi. Boulenger gives the characteristics of the genus as follows: tympanum distinct; body compressed, covered with large subequal keeled scales; dorsal crest present; no gular sac; transverse gular fold present; digits not keeled inferiorly; no femoral or preanal pores.

There is little information easily available in print on this species, which does not seem to be kept regularly in captivity. Manthey and Schuster suggest a cloudforest terrarium.

Species Name

Common Name





L. ludekingi

Night Agama, Hardwicke's Bloodsucker, Dwarf Rock Agama

Indonesia (inc. Sumatra)

TL 24 cm, SVL 15cm

An insectivorous mountain-dweller. Scalation details: dorsal head scales irregular, faintly keeled; supraorbitals small, strongly keeled, bordered inwards by row of enlarged scales; 3 large scales in row on temple; 7 supralabials, 8 infralabials; gular scales subrhomboidal, smooth or faintly keeled; dorsal scales large, rhomboidal, rather feebly keeled, points of upper scales directed upwards and backwards; nuchal and dorsal crest not continuous with nuchal crest, and made up of 14 triangular spines; limbs with dorsal, subequal keeled scales, of which some spinose; ventral scales strongly keeled, smaller than dorsals. Tail: compressed at base, caudal scales equal and keeled. Other: head large, swollen below ears, distinct from neck; eye opening smaller than ear opening; 4th digit slightly longer than 3rd. Coloration: dorsally green with rather irregular yellowish markings on head and body and cross bars on limbs; ventrolaterally turquoise; throat and ventral area light blue. Reproduction: no details available. [SOURCE: Boulenger, Manthey & Schuster].