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Ebenavia geckos

Echinotriton, Spiny Newts/Crocodile Salamanders

Egernia skinks

Egernia cunninghami, Cunningham's Skink


observations and experiences of ~

Eirenis snakes


~ in Europe

Elaphe (rat snakes)


Rat Snakes, genus ~


~ as "Level 1" snakes


~ in Europe

Elaphe guttata (Corn Snake)


~ as a "Level 1" snake

Elapidae snakes

Emoia, Mangrove Skinks

Emydidae, Freshwater Turtles

Emydoidea blandingii, Blanding's Turtle

Emys orbicularis, European Pond Turtle

Epicrates, Rainbow Boas and relatives

Eremias lizards, Desert Runners, Race Runners


~ : Desert Runners


~ in Europe

Erymnochelys madagascariensis, Malagasy Big-Headed Turtle

Eryx (Sand boas)


~ in Europe

Eublepharid geckos

Eublepharis macularius (leopard gecko)


~ as a "Level 1" lizard


experiences of keeping ~


species description

Euleptes geckos

Eumeces [Novoeumeces] schneideri (Berber skink)


~ as a "Level 1" lizard

Eunectes, Anacondas

Euprepis [Mabuya], African Mabuya skinks



~ agamid lizards


~ amphisbaenians


~ Bufo species (toads)


~ chelonian species (tortoises and turtles)


~ discoglossid frog species 


~ geckos


~ newts


~ salamanders

Euproctus, Brook Salamanders

Eurydactylodes geckos

Eurylepis skinks

Eutropis [Mabuya], Asian Mabuya skinks


Eyed lizards, see Lacerta lepida


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