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Exiliboa is a monotypic (one-species) genus from Mexico.

Bogert described the genus in 1968 and gives its characteristics thus: small, nearly unicolored and prehensile-tailed; large azygous internasal in broad contact with rostral and flanked on each side by single nasal; loreal present; mental groove bordered by 3 pairs of shields; females retain external vestiges of limbs.


Common Name


Adult size



E. placata

Oaxacan Dwarf Boa

Mexico (Oaxaca)


See Introduction: no other details currently available.


"A New Genus and Species of Dwarf Boa from Southern Mexico", Charles M Bogert, American Museum Novitates #2354, December 18 1968. Describes the genus and species of Exiliboa.

Boas: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual, Doug Wagner, Barrons, 1996, New York/Hong Kong. Excellent book covering all the boas, including the obscure species unlikely to be seen, although there is little detail on Exiliboa and its relatives. Highly recommended.


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