A Chronological Listing of Updates and Additions

June 2007

Last updated: 29 June 2007: added Novels: Brief Reviews and Christian Books and Writers to the Books section.

May 2007

Last updated: 23 May 2007: updated Bogertophis (Trans-Peco and Baja California Ratsnakes) and added Amastridium (Rustyhead Snake) to the Colubridae.

Last updated: 20 May 2007: broke up the Ratsnake page into its constituent genera, adding separate pages for Elaphe, Bogertophis, Senticolis and Gonyosoma, and added Spalerosophis (Diadem Snakes) to the Colubridae.

Last updated: 13 May 2007: added Boulengerina (Water Cobras) and Pseudohaje (Tree Cobras) to the Elapidae (Cobras, Kraits and allies).

Last updated: 9 May 2007: added Ophiophagus (King Cobra) to the Elapidae (Cobras, Kraits and allies).

Last updated: 6 May 2007: added Hapsidophrys (Keeled Green Forest Snakes), Hormonotus (Yellow Forest Snake) and Malpolon (Montpellier's and Moila Snakes) to the Colubridae.

Last updated: 3 May 2007: added Dasypeltis (African Egg-Eating Snakes) to the Colubridae.

April 2007

Last updated: 29 April 2007: updated the Bufo toad pages.

Last updated: 22 April 2007: updated the European Discoglossid Frogs and Bufo toads pages.

Last updated: 20 April 2007: added Hydrophis seasnakes to the Hydrophiidae page.

Last updated: 16 April 2007: updated the Eremias (Steppe- and Desert Runners) and Ophisaurus (Glass Lizards) pages.

Last updated: 8 April 2007: added Neoseps (Sand Skink) to the Scincidae (skinks).

Last updated: 6 April 2007: updated Podarcis (Wall Lizards) and Takydromus (Asian Grass Lizards) pages for the Lacertidae (True Lizards) and Rana (Pool Frogs) for the Ranidae (Pool/True Frogs) pages.

Last updated: 1 April 2007: amended the European Herps by Country page, added Cyclocorus (Triangular-Spotted Snakes) to the Colubridae and updated the Roll of Honour.

March 2007

Last updated: 25 March 2007: updated Lepidodactylus (Scaly-Toed Geckos) and Homopholis (African Velvet Geckos) and added Blaesodactylus (Malagasy Velvet Geckos), and added Aplopeltura (Blunt-Headed Slug-Snake) to the Colubridae.

Last updated: 21 March 2007: updated Gehyra geckos.

Last updated: 18 March 2007: added Brachylophus (Fiji Iguanas) to the Iguanidae section and added review of Primeval to the Cult TV section.

Last updated: 14 March 2007: updated Cryptoblepharus page.

Last updated: 9 March 2007: updated Gekko (True Calling Geckos) page.

Last updated: 4 March 2007: extensively updated Varanidae (Monitor Lizards) page.

February 2007

Last updated: 27 February 2007: updated Varanidae (Monitor Lizards) page.

Last updated: 11 February 2007: added review of Larry Bond's Cauldron to the Future Shocks page.

Last updated: 3 February 2007: updated Herpetological Magazine Indexes, Bands and More Bands.

January 2007

Last updated: 21 January 2007: added the genus Calumma to the Chameleon page and updated the Pleurodeles newt page.

Last updated: 6 January 2007: updated Sceloporus (swifts and spiny lizards) page and added review of The Burma Road to the Military History page.

Last updated: 2 January 2007: updated Sceloporus (swifts and spiny lizards) page.

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