Added 8 April 2004.




Mabuya skinks


~ as a "Level 2" pet

Mabuya multifasciata, Golden Skinks, experiences and observations of

Macroscincus, Cape Verde Skink

Malaclemys terrapin, Diamondback Terrapin

Malayemys, (Malay) Snail-Eating Turtles

Malayodracon, Robinson's Forest Dragon, Robinson's Anglehead Lizard

Malpolon snakes


~ in Europe

Mantellidae, Mantellas and relatives

Megophryidae, Asian Toads

Mehelya, File Snakes

Melanochelys, Indian Black Turtles

Melanosuchus niger, Black Caiman

Meroles, Desert Lizards

Mertensiella, Caucasian and Lycian Salamanders

Mesalina, Tiger Lizards

Mesoscincus skinks

Microauris, Orange-Lipped Forest Lizard

Microhylidae, Narrow-Mouthed Frogs

Microhylinae, Narrow-Mouthed Frogs (subfamily)

Midwife Toad, see Alytes obstetricians

Moloch, Thorny Devil

Monitor Lizards, see Varanidae

Morelia pythons

Morenia, Eyed Turtles

Myobatrachidae, Antipodean Frogs


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