Added 8 April 2004.




Mabuya skinks


~ as a "Level 2" pet

Mabuya multifasciata, Golden Skinks, experiences and observations of

Macroscincus, Cape Verde Skink

Malayemys, (Malay) Snail-Eating Turtles

Malayodracon, Robinson's Forest Dragon, Robinson's Anglehead Lizard

Malpolon snakes


~ in Europe

Mantellidae, Mantellas and relatives

Megophryidae, Asian Toads

Mehelya, File Snakes

Melanosuchus niger, Black Caiman

Meroles, Desert Lizards

Mertensiella, Caucasian and Lycian Salamanders

Mesalina, Tiger Lizards

Mesoscincus skinks

Microauris, Orange-Lipped Forest Lizard

Microhylidae, Narrow-Mouthed Frogs

Microhylinae, Narrow-Mouthed Frogs (subfamily)

Midwife Toad, see Alytes obstetricians

Moloch, Thorny Devil

Monitor Lizards, see Varanidae

Morelia pythons

Myobatrachidae, Antipodean Frogs


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