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A look at the Family Agamidae



A monotypic genus created for a Malaysian species formerly assigned to Gonocephalus.

Species Name

Common Name





M. robinsonii

Robinson's Forest Dragon, Robinson's Anglehead Lizard


11-13" SVL 

Formerly assigned to Gonocephalus. Found in montane forest at 1,000m and above near flowing water, on thin trees and also among ferns along paths. The sexes can be hard to distinguish. Manthey and Schuster suggest the cloud-forest terrarium. Robinson (cited in Boulenger, 1908) noted that the species was not uncommon but difficult to detect in the deep jungle where it lived. The specimen that he found was sitting on a low tree trunk in a gully and made no attempt to escape but bit viciously. Scalation details: canthus rostralis strong, raised; tympanum partly covered with scales, smaller than eye-opening; upper head-scales, small, keeled, unequal in size; enlarge subconical tubercle behind the supraciliary edge and others on the occiput and temple; 10 superlabials, 8 sublabials; gular sac, without serrated edge; gular scales very small, smooth; gular fold distinct only on the sides; nuchal crest formed of large triangular lobes, in contact with each other at the base; the crest continuous with the dorsal, the lobes of which are much smaller and gradually decrease in size; dorsal scales small, equal, obtusely keeled, the points directed upwards and backwards, very small on the flanks; ventral scales larger, sharply keeled; limbs above with large, equal keeled scales; 4th finger slightly longer than 3rd; tail compressed, with serrated upper edge at the base; upper caudal scales feebly keeled, lower caudal scales larger and very strongly keeled. Coloration details: greyish-olive above, with 4 oblique blackish bars on each side; eyelids black; black bar from eye to ear; oblique black bar in front of shoulder; whitish underneath. Reproduction: no details available [SOURCE: Boulenger. Denzer et al]


“The systematic status of Gonocephalus robinsonii Boulenger, 1908 (Squamata: Agamidae: Draconinae)”, Wolfgang Denzer, Ulrich Manthey, Kristin Mahlow, Wolfgang Böhme, Zootaxa Vol 4039 No 1, November 2015.