A Chronological Listing of Updates and Additions

December 2010

Last updated 31 December 2010: updated Skinkpage and added Plestiodon skink page.

Last updated 29 December 2010: updated Plated Lizard page.

Last updated 2 December 2010: updated Books on Russia with Contemporary Russia.

November 2010

Last updated 29 November 2010: updated Film Reviews with review of Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid.

Last updated 12 November 2010: updated Books: Military History with Business in Great Waters.

October 2010

Last updated 31 October 2010: updated Herpetological Magazine Indexes and Brief Reviews.

Last updated 24 October 2010: updated Books with Evolution and Religion: Reviews.

September 2010

Last updated 10 September 2010: updated Books with Miscellaneous section.

August 2010

Last updated 28 August 2010: updated Brief Reviews.

Last updated 22 August 2010: updated Cyrtopodion (Thin-Toed Geckos).

Last updated 15 August 2010: updated Cyrtopodion (Thin-Toed Geckos) and added review of The Year That Changed The World to Books on Eastern Europe.

July 2010

Last updated 29 July 2010: added Cyrtopodion (Thin-Toed Geckos) to Gekkoninae (True Geckos) page and updated Brief Reviews.

Last updated 8 July 2010: added Carinatogecko (Keel-Scaled Geckos) to Gekkoninae (True Geckos) page.

Last updated 5 July 2010: updated Herpetological Magazine Indexes page.

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