Added 10 September 2010


We Three Dragons: A Trio of Dragon Tales for the Holiday Season, Bill Fawcett (ed.), Jeff Grubb, James M Ward and Ed Greenwood (2000)

A charming trilogy of three Christmas, or at least winter solstice, tales about dragons. In the first, The Knight Before Christmas, a father reads to his children the story of an encounter between a dread knight and a fierce dragon. In the second, The Christmas Dragon, chiming bells from a medieval-style town get louder each year until they disturb the dragon sleeping under the nearby mountain. The story revolves around the complex relationship between people, dragons and other dragons. In the third, Wrathclaw's Wyrmtide or the Secret of Treasure-unlooked-for, a greedy and curmudgeonly dragon is surprised by a Christmas visitation somewhat in the style of Dickens' Christmas Carol. Undemanding but well-written, enjoyable and heartwarming fare.

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