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Herpetological Magazines Indexed On This Site

The following is a list of titles and issues included in listings so far on this website.

It should be noted that a number of these titles are no longer published, namely Pet Reptile, Reptile & Amphibian, Reptile Hobbyist, Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist, Manouria and Vivarium, although back issues may be available second-hand, particularly at herpetological shows. (International) Reptilian has likewise not been published for some years. In the English-speaking world, Reptiles is popular in North America and in the UK, while English editions of Reptilia are also bought in the UK. I have little information on local Australian magazines, although Monitor was being published a few years ago.

European publications are produced mainly in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain and the Czech Republic. However, most national herpetological societies produce their own publication: see Herpetological Societies for a full listing.

A note on the format for issues is in order. The German titles Amphibia, die Eidechse, Elaphe and Iguana are produced two to three times a year and are therefore given in the format of number/year, eg 1/04 is the first publication of the year 2004, 2/04 the second that year, and so forth. Where the issues are given as number:number (eg 1:6), this is usually the format adopted by the magazine itself, and is the volume followed by the number, so 1:6 would be Volume 1, number 6. Reptile and Amphibian Magazine was published every two months, in the format month-month/year, so 1-2/94 would be the edition for January-February 1994. We have just started indexing Draco and Sauria articles: these magazines are published quarterly, with Sauria going back to the end of 1979, which surely makes it one of the longest-running herpetological hobbyist magazines in the world, a credit to its contributors, readers and editorial staff.

This index is being updated as we are having to go back to check all the issues that we indexed. Hopefully it should be completed in the near future. I would be very grateful to receive any indexes or details of magazines not included on here, whether defunct or still going.

2021 update

At least some magazine format is now partially or wholly online. This includes content from the DGHT's publications.



Issues Indexed on this site

Asiatic Herpetological Research

Academic but still accessible journal published by the Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. (Issues 1-2 were published under the title “Chinese Herpetological Research”)



German publication from the DGHT: focuses on captive husbandry and reproduction of amphibians. May now have been split into two separate magazines.

4/01, 1/02, 2/02, 1/03, 1-2/04, 7:1, 9:1, 9:2, 12:2, 14:1, 15:1

Chelonian Conservation and Biology

Seems to be a quarterly or biannual publication, fairly weighty, going back to about 1994. 

1:1, 1:4, 2:2, 2:3, 2:4, 3:1, 3:3, 3:4, 4:3, 5:1, 5:2, 6:1, 6:2


French-language periodical on tortoises and reptiles 

1-16, 18-19, 26-28, 31-36, 39, 42-45

Chinese Herpetological Research

Precursor to Asiatic Herpetological Research, published late 1980s

1, 2:1


Put out by the Global Gecko Association: a less weighty volume than Gekko



Magazine first published in 1992, focusing on geckos: now apparently defunct

1(2), 1(3), 1(4)


Quarterly herpetological magazine from the German Natur und Tier Verlag that usually focuses on a theme, eg agamid lizards or desert herpetofauna

01-53, 60


German publication from the DGHT: focuses on captive husbandry and reproduction of reptiles and amphibians.

1/93, 2/93, 4/95, 1-2/01, 2/02, 3/03, 2-3/04,1/05, 2/05, 3/05 , 3/06, 1/07 , 16:1, 20:2, 17:3

Die Eidechse

German publication from the DGHT dealing with the family Lacertidae.

2/03, 2/06, 2/07 , 19:1-2, 20:2, 21:1, 21:3 (11/2010), 24:2 (8/2013), 25:3 (12/2014), 26:3 (12/2015), 27:2 (9/2016)


Journal of the Global Gecko Association.

1:1, 1:2, 2:1, 2:2, 3:1, 3:2, 4:1, 4:2, 5:1


German twice-yearly publication from the DGHT dealing with the family Iguanidae and, since the past couple of years, also Agamidae.

2/04, 2/05, 2/07

Iguana (Journal of the International Iguana Society)

Magazine of the International Iguana Society, an important publication involved among other things in conservation of the iguanids, esp. Cyclura species. So far we have not added any articles from this magazine.


International Reptilian

European magazine, published in UK. It may alternatively be known as the Reptilian, but we have kept the IR abbreviation to distinguish it from Reptilia and Reptiles.

2:9, 3:7,3:10, 4:9, 5:1, 5:5-6, 5:8, 6:5-7


French-language chelonian magazine


Pet Reptile

European magazine, published in UK. Slightly more "entry level" but contains some good articles. Wound up in 2001.

5, 37, 38, 40, 42, 44-45,  10/97, 12/97

Practical Reptile Keeping

UK magazine first appearing in 2009, edited by David Alderton. Like most magazines with "Reptile" in the title, also covers amphibians and invertebrates.

3-5, 69-71


German chelonian publication from the DGHT, produced in both German and English language versions.

15:3, 16:1, 17:1-3, 18:3, 20:2, 22:4


European magazine, published in Spain but produced in English, German and Spanish. The English- and Spanish-language editions suspended publication indefinitely in 29 October 2012.

1-2, 4-10, 12-13, 15, 23, 25, 28, 33, 36-38, 40-48, 54-60, 62

Reptile Hobbyist

US magazine published by TFH. Merged with R&A to become R&AH (see below).

1:1-6, 2:1-12, 3:1-12, 4:2


US magazine which bought out Vivarium. Despite the title, covers amphibians and invertebrates too.

4:2-4, 4:8, 5:8, 5:10, 9:12, 10:10,11:9

Reptile & Amphibian Magazine

Now sadly defunct, although back copies may be available at herp exhibitions, etc. For some years this was practically the only herp magazine for most English-speaking non-scientific folk.

11-12/89, 1-2/90, 5-6/90, 7-8/90, 9-10/90, 11-12/90, 1-2/91, 3-4/91, 5-6/91, 9-10/91, 11-12/91, 1-2/92, 3-4/92, 5-6/92, 7-8/92, 9-10/92, 11-12/92, 1-2/93, 3-4/93, 7-8/93, 9-10/93, 11-12/93, 1-2/94, 3-4/94, 5-6/94, 9-10/94, 11-12/94, 1-2/95, 3-4/95, 7-8/95, 9-10/95, 11-12/95, 1-2/96, 5-6/96, 7-8/96, 11-12/96

Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist

Formed out of the merger of Reptile Hobbyist and Reptile & Amphibian Magazine: last issue November 2001

Vols 4:1-12, 5:1-12, 6:1-12, 7:1-3

Russian Journal of Herpetology

An international multi-disciplinary journal devoted to herpetology: academic rather than hobbyist but still contains much of use and interest to keepers. Started in 1994: published twice-yearly.



Austrian-based German language chelonian magazine, published by the Internationalen Schildkröten Vereinigung (International Chelonian Association)



German magazine published by the DGHT (German Herptological Association) in English and German. The DGHT also publishes magazines for each of their specialist groups, eg Radiata (tortoises), Lacerta (lacertid lizards), etc. Since 2005 Salamandra has been published in both English and German.

41:4, 44:1, 44:4. 46:2, 49:3


German publication produced by the Terrariengemeinschaft Berlin e.V. (Berlin Terrarium Society): published quarterly since the end of 1979.

Years 1979-2015, 2016:1-3

Schildkröten im Fokus

German-language magazine covering chelonians. Appears 3-4 times per year. First published 2004.



French-language herpetological magazine, also covering invertebrates

1, 6-7


Czech herpetological magazine, published by the Terrarium Society of Prague in Czech with good English summaries



Dutch-language magazine published by the Nederlandse Schildpadden Vereniging [Dutch Turtle Assocation]



Magazine associated with Advanced Herpetological Library and Philippe de Vosjoli. Bought out by Reptiles around about the turn of the century.

1:4, 2:2, 2:4, 4:1,4:5, 7:3, 7:6, 8:4-6, 9:1

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