Last updated 27 September 1999: added Italian Ordnance Tables and Italian Random Event Table.



These charts are intended as an unofficial, free add-on to SASL. You can use them in combination with those found on the GSASL home page (see SASL links) or supplant them. I have not seen View From The Trenches' versions of British and Italian SASL tables, so can't compare mine with theirs. What I can say is that I have sat down with my spreadsheet formulae and Chapter H and tried to adhere as closely to historical accuracy as possible while trying to allow the player the chance to try out all the different weapons and units in the ASL armoury.

For the moment the various tables will be spread across several pages as it will take me a few weeks to complete them. For your edification (and hopefully playtesting), I will stick bits on as we go along.

Disclaimer: ASL and SASL are trademarks of Avalon Hill and Hasbro Inc. The creation of and use of this material should not be construed as a challenge to those copyrights. This material is for free distribution to those SASL aficionados who wish to use it in the absence of any official AH/Hasbro product to cover this area.

Copyright N R Smith, 1999

Italian AFV Tables

Italian Ordnance Tables

Italian Random Event Table

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