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Subfamily GEKKONINAE - "True" Geckos


Genus NARUDASIA - Festive Geckos

This monotypic (ie one-species) genus is related to the Quedenfeldtia (Atlas Day Geckos) of the Sahara, and like them is diurnal although rather smaller in size. There seems to be little data available on these geckos other than in Branch and the EMBL database. I am uncertain of the origin of the common name, but it may refer to the bright tail often sported.

Scientific Name Common Name Distribution Size Notes
N. festiva Festive Gecko C & S Namibia 2-3" A saxicolous (rock-dwelling) gecko that lives on small insects around its habitat. The body and head are somewhat flattened to match its lifestyle. Overall colour is grey with alternating brownish bands on the back that are edged with black and white towards the rear edge, but the most striking part is often the long tail which may be coloured yellow. Branch notes that preanal and femoral pores are absent. This lizard is unlikely to be seen in captivity as most if not all Namibian wildlife is protected.


Field Guide to Snakes and Other Reptiles of Southern Africa, Branch, Struik, 1998

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