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"Wolf Geckos" are found in the SE Asian archipelago, from W Malaysia through the Philippines to Indonesia. These are smallish geckos, characterised by the flaps of skin on the front and rear of their limbs and sometimes bodies, hence the alternative common name of "Flap-Legged Geckos". There is little information readily available on them and even gecko-specific books rarely mention them. Alcala lists all the Philippines species as "endemic and rare".

Most of the information below comes from Alcala (see Bibliography) and the EMBL database entry.

L. brooksi, Brooks' Wolf Gecko L. browni, Brown's Wolf Gecko L. cumingi, Philippines Wolf Gecko
L. iskandari L. joloensis, Taylor's Wolf Gecko L. macgregori, MacGregor's Wolf Gecko
L. palawanensis, Palawan Gecko L. yasumai  

Scientific Name Common Name Distribution Size Notes
L. brooksi Brooks' Wolf Gecko Indonesia (Sumatra)    
L. browni Brown's ~ W Malaysia    
L. cumingi Philippines ~ /Cuming's Flap-Legged Gecko Philippines (Negros, Panay) 61-86 mm SVL  Alcata records this as being found on Luzon but does not mention Panay. "Flap-legged" common name derives from folds of skin on front and rear surfaces of limbs and along sides of body. Scalation: 15-17 supralabials; males have 15-20 preanal pores. Other: toes broadly dilated, about half webbed between 3rd & 4th toes, 13-15 scansors between 4th toes. Coloration: Alcata gives details of colour in preservative. Reproduction: eggs are laid on leaves of trees at 400m elevation: hatchlings are about 3cm in length.
L. iskandari   Indonesia (Sulawesi)    
L. joloensis Taylor's ~ /Jolo Flap-Legged Gecko Philippines (Jolo, Mindanao) 27-36 mm SVL  Scalation: dorsal scales are small and granular, slightly enlarged on the snout and interspersed with a few enlarged spine-like scales; males have 30-31 preanal and femoral pores in a row of enlarged scales extending almost to the distal end of the thigh. Other: digits are broadly dilated and extensively webbed; 8-10 scansors under 4th toes. Coloration: Alcata gives details of colour in preservative.
L. macgregori MacGregor's ~ /MacGregor's Flap-Legged Gecko Philippines (Calayan Islands)   Scalation: 14-15 supralabials; 16 preanal pores. Other: digits are broadly dilated and one third to one half of their length webbed; 12-13 scansors under 4th toes. Coloration: Alcata givesa very few (and confusing) details of colour in life.
L. palawanensis Palawan Gecko ~ / Palawan Flap-Legged Gecko Philippines (Palawan) 44-52 mm SVL Found in the leaf axils of arboreal ferns about 15m from forest floor in tall trees. Scalation: dorsal and lateral scales have scattered enlarged scales; males have 30+ preanal and femoral pores in a row of enlarged scales vearubg 29-32 pores in males. Other: digits are broadly dilated and half webbed; scansors found under 4th toes (Alcata goes not give number). Coloration: Alcata gives details of colour in preservative.
L. yasumai Yasuma's ~ Indonesia (Borneo)    


Guide to Philippine Flora and Fauna. Volume X, Amphibians and Reptiles, Prof. Angel C Alcala, Natural Resources Management Centre, Ministry of Natural Resources and University of the Philippines, 1986. Very useful field guide to the herps of this area, which is usually under-represented in literature. One slight drawback is that the photographs are black-and-white and the descriptions of colour for many species are drawn from preserved specimens: otherwise this book is to be recommended if you can obtain a copy. We acknowledge our debt to this book for the details given in this section.

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