Added 23 September 2001.

Subfamily SPHAERODACTYLINAE - "Ball-toed" Geckos


Genus LEPIDOBLEPHARIS - Dwarf Geckos

The genus Lepidoblepharis comprises several species distributed throughout the Central and northern South America, from Nicaragua and Costa Rica to Colombia and Ecuador. All are small and few if any are seen in the pet trade. There is little information readily available in print or on the Internet on this genus, and this page is included mainly for completeness. The EMBL database contains bibliographic references for anyone interested in pursuing the study of these somewhat neglected geckos.


L. buchwaldi L.columbianus L. duolepis
L. festae, Brown Dwarf Gecko L. grandis, Greater Dwarf Gecko L. heyerorum
L. hoogmoedi L. intermedius L. microlepis
L. miyatai L. montecanoensis, Paraguanen Ground Gecko L. oxycephalus
L. peraccae L. ruthveni L. sanctaemartae
L. williamsi L. xanthostigma  


Scientific Name Common Name Distribution Size Notes
L. buchwaldi ? Ecuador ?" ?
L. columbianus ? Gecko Columbia ?" ?
L. duolepis ? Gecko Columbia ?" ?
L. festae Brown Dwarf Gecko Ecuador, Peru, Brazil inc. Amazon, Colombia ?" ?
L. grandis Greater Dwarf Gecko Ecuador ?" ?
L. heyerorum ? Brazil inc. Amazon, French Guiana ?" Click here for a picture.
L. hoogmoedi ? Brazil inc. Amazon, N Peru ?" ?
L. intermedius ? Columbia, NW Ecuador ?" ?
L. microlepis ? Costa Rica, Columbia ?" ?
L. miyatai   Columbia    
L. montecanoensis Paraguanan Ground Gecko Venezuela   Common name is derived from its locality in Venezuela - not to be confused with Paraguay, the country. This species is considered endangered.
L. oxycephalus   Ecuador ?" See the EMBL database entry for the uncertain status of this species.
L. peraccae   SW Columbia ?" EMBL database entry has links to a picture.
L. ruthveni   Ecuador, Columbia ?" ?.
L. sanctaemartae   Panama (Barro Colorado Island) Columbia (Santa Mara Mtns) ?" ?.
L. williamsi   Colombia (Cordillera central) ?" ?.
L. xanthostigma Orange-tailed Gecko, Litter Gecko Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama Colombia   Click here for a picture.


Other than Mattison's Lizards of the World and the EMBL database, there was nothing readily available to provide any information on this genus. As we gain access to more specialised sources we will update this page.


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