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A look at the

Subfamily EUBLEPHARINAE - Eyelid Geckos


Genus AELUROSCALABOTES - the Malaysian Cat Gecko

Scientific Name 

Common Name 





Aeluroscalabotes felinus

Malaysian Cat Gecko

SE Asia


Very rare and unusual gecko that is arboreal, unlike the rest of the eublepharids which are strictly terrestrial. The few imported have proved delicate, prone to dehydration and heavily parasitised, but recently there has been some success, including breeding, with this species. DeVosjoli recommends a well-ventilated and fairly humid plastic storage container with a substrate of potting soil and an area of green moss. As they are easily stressed, Cat Geckos are best kept singly. In some ways their behaviour, temperament and to a certain degree structure (opposable digits for clinging to vegetation) are reminiscent of chameleons.Scalation details: Other: Coloration: [SOURCES: Taylor] B I


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