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A look at the

Subfamily DIPLODACTYLINAE - Diplodactyline Geckos: The Diplodactylids


Genus UNDERWOODISAURUS - Leaf-Tailed Geckos

A small genus (two species) of geckos rarely seen outside their native habitat. [This page will shortly be updated with fuller details].

Scientific name Common name Distribution Size (max) Notes
U. mili
Picture of U. mili courtesy of Vivarium Herpetoculture. Click on the picture to access a larger image.
Thick-Tailed Gecko S Australia (not SE coast or Tasmania) 8cm SVL  
U. sphyrur ? Australia (N NSW and S Queensland) 7cm SVL Similar to the above but occasionally found among rocks or in caves.


Lizards of the World, Mattison

Breeding and Keeping Geckos, Coborn, TFH 1995 - a particularly valuable book for lesser known geckos, especially the Diplodactylines.

Keeping and Breeding Lizards, Mattison

Geckos: Keeping and Breeding Them in Captivity, Walls and Walls, TFH 1999.


Reptiles of the Townsville Region has some good pictures of various of the above geckos.


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