Added November 2003. Last updated 23 February 2010: removed S. occultus to its own genus, Orraya.

A look at the

Subfamily DIPLODACTYLINAE - Diplodactyline Geckos


Genus SALTUARIUS - Leaf-Tailed Geckos

The genus Saltuarius was created in 1993 to accommodate former members of the genus Phyllurus. Differences between the two genera may be summarised as follows:

Phyllurus Saltuarius
Smaller (max SVL 10cm) Larger (max SVL 15cm)
Nostril does not contact rostral Nostril contacts rostral
Preanal pores always absent Preanal pores usually present
Simple flange on original tail Convoluted flange on original tail

Scientific name Common name Distribution Size (max) Notes
S. cornutus Northern Leaf-Tailed Gecko Australia (Queensland and NSW) 16cm SVL  
S. occultus ? Australia (Queensland) 11cm SVL  Now reassigned to the genus Orraya.
S. salebrosus ? Australia (Queensland) 16cm SVL Similar to S. cornutus but differs in having a very tubercular throat and a longer tip on the original tail.
S. swaini ? Australia (Queensland and NSW) 13cm SVL  
S. wyberba ? Australia (Queensland- NSW border) 11cm SVL  


Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia, Harold Cogger, 6th edition - absolutely indispensable for overview of Australian lizards.

Lizards of the World, Mattison

Breeding and Keeping Geckos, Coborn, TFH 1995 - a particularly valuable book for lesser known geckos, especially the Diplodactylines, although some of the taxonomic data now appears to be out of date.

Keeping and Breeding Lizards, Mattison

Geckos: Keeping and Breeding Them in Captivity, Walls and Walls, TFH 1999.

Reptiles of the Townsville Region has some good pictures of various of the above geckos.

See also Index of Gecko-related articles for more sources on geckos.

Coming soon.... the other gecko genera.

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