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A look at the

Subfamily DIPLODACTYLINAE - Diplodactyline Geckos: New Zealand and New Caledonia


Genus RHACODACTYLUS - New Caledonian Geckos

A small genus (6 species) of large geckos that are in fact almost giants compared to the rest of their family. These geckos have lately become available in the West, although it is to be hoped that they will be bred in captivity and not over-collected from their native habitat.

Scientific name Common name Place of origin Size (max) Notes
R. leachianus ? New Caledonia 12-14" Probably the largest gecko in the world.
R. ciliatus
Rhacodactylus ciliatus
Crested Gecko New Caledonia ?" Ovo-viviparous.
R. auriculatus
Rhacodactylus auriculatus

Rhacodactylus auriculatus

? New Caledonia ? Arboreal, with slightly prehensile tail. Overall colour is pale green-brown, with longitudinal stripes of pale brown or yellow running along its flanks. The head is large and angular.
R. chahoua ? New Caledonia ? Large and stocky species with an effective camouflage of green, brown and pink mottling over the back and tail that conceal it when resting on a lichen-covered trunk.
R. cavaticus ? New Caledonia ? No data available.


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