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A look at the

Subfamily DIPLODACTYLINAE - Diplodactyline Geckos


Genus PHYLLURUS - Leaf-Tailed Geckos

Phyllurus geckos are chiefly notable for their highly effective camouflage which is in part aided by the spiny tubercles that cover every part of their body. All of them apart from P. caudiannulatus have very flattened, leaf-shaped tails. Cogger gives some of the characteristics of the genus as follows: rostral and mental shields rounded; labials larger than adjacent scales; postmentals and adjacent gulars subequal; clawed digits on bird-like feet, the claws being conspicuous free and the base of each between two scales; preanal pores absent.

The genus has changed over the past few years, some former members since being reassigned to the Saltuarius genus while others have been named. Of these, P. isis, P. nepthys and P. ossa are quite similar to P. platurus. All three of these "new" species occupy extremely restricted ranges in Queensland.

Phyllurus species are smaller than those of Saltuarius and their nostril does not contact the rostral, in contrast with Saltuarius. The tail lacks the convoluted flange found in Saltuarius species. Saltuarius species have preanal pores, which Phyllurus lack.

Scientific name Common name Distribution Size (max) Notes
P. amnicola        
P. caudiannulatus ? Australia (C Queensland) 8cm SVL Very isolated populations.
P. championae        
P. gulbaru ? Australia (Queensland) ?  
P. isis   Australia (Queensland) 7½cm SVL  
P. nepthys   Australia (Queensland) 10cm SVL   
P. ossa   Australia (Queensland) 9cm SVL  
P. platurus Southern Leaf-Tailed Gecko Australia (NSW) 8cm SVL  


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Lizards of the World, Mattison

Breeding and Keeping Geckos, Coborn, TFH 1995 - a particularly valuable book for lesser known geckos, especially the Diplodactylines, although some of the taxonomic data now appears to be out of date.

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Reptiles of the Townsville Region has some good pictures of various of the above geckos.

See also Index of Gecko-related articles for more sources on geckos.

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