Added November 2003: separated from other genera and revised.

A look at the

Subfamily DIPLODACTYLINAE - Diplodactyline Geckos: New Zealand and New Caledonia


Genus EURYDACTYLODES - Eurydactylodes Geckos

Small genus, both found on the main island of New Caledonia ("Grande terre"). Information on these geckos seems extremely hard to come by.

Scientific name Common name Place of origin Size (max) Notes
E. agricolae ? NW New Caledonia 7?" No data available.
E. symmetricus ? S New Caledonia 7" No data available.
E. vieillardi ? E. & C. New Caledonia 7"? Arboreal, bark-green gecko that seems perfectly camouflaged against tree trunks. The tail is fairly long. Click here for the German "Nephurus" website photographs.


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