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A look at the

Subfamily GEKKONINAE - "True" Geckos


Genus CRYPTACTITES - Coastal Leaf-Toed Geckos

Small recently (1997) described monotypic genus comprising species formerly considered member of the Phyllodactylus genus: may still be listed under that heading in some works. I am not aware that any have been kept, let alone bred, in captivity outside of the Republic of South Africa.

Scientific Name Common Name Distribution Size Notes
C. peringueyi Péringuey's Coastal Leaf-Toed Geckos Republic of South Africa (coastal areas) 2" Somewhat striking looking gecko with an elongated head and eyes some way along the snout. The back is covered with small tubercles. Coloration varies but tends to be some shade of brown: males may carry longitudinal stripes, while gravid females may become darker. The ventral areas are cream with faint dark speckling (Branch). These geckos are found exclusively in coastal salt marshes and areas of adjacent, salt-tolerant vegetation. They climb in, and live in, thick clumps of grass and similar flora: likewise the two eggs laid are normally deposited within the mulch of restio stems about 1' from the ground [Branch].


The information above was culled from a number of sources, including Mattison:

Field Guide to Snakes and Other Reptiles of Southern Africa, Bill Branch, Struik, Cape Town 1998.


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