Added 19 September 2001.

Subfamily SPHAERODACTYLINAE - "Ball-toed" Geckos


Genus COLEODACTYLUS - Coleodactylus Geckos

The genus Coleodactylus comprises just five species, centred mainly on Brazil with a couple of representatives spread out into neighbouring countries in the north-east of the continent. There is little information readily available in print or on the Internet on this genus, and this page is included mainly for completeness. The EMBL database contains bibliographic references for anyone interested in pursuing the study of these somewhat neglected geckos.


C. amazonicus C. brachystoma C. meridionalis
C. natalensis C. septentrionalis


Scientific Name Common Name Distribution Size Notes

C. amazonicus

Amazon Gecko? Brazil (Amazonas, Amapa, Para, Rondonia, Acre), S Venezuela, S Guyana, French Guiana, Surinam ?" See the EMBL database entry for a picture, as well as Laurie Vitt's picture on

C. brachystoma

? Brazil (Goias, Mato Grosso) ?" ?

C. meridionalis

? S Brazil (Bahia, Pará) ?" ?

C. natalensis

? Brazil (Rio Grande do Norte) ?" ?

C. septentrionalis

? N Brazil (Roraima), W Suriname (Nickerie), Guyana, Venezuela (Delta Amacuro) ?" ?




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