Added 3 January 2005.

Family Ranidae


The family Ranidae contains 38 genera and over 700 species. The following is a list of the genera and their general characteristics and distribution.

Please note that owing to the vast size of this family this list is a work in progress.

Genus Common Name No. of species Distribution Notes
Afrana River Frogs 10    
Amietia Large-Mouthed Frogs 1    
Amnirana   10    
Amolops   33 Mainly China  
Aubria Ball Frogs, Fishing Frogs 2    
Batrachylodes Sticky-Toed Frogs 8    
Ceratobatrachus Triangle Frogs, Eyelash Frogs 1 Solomon Islands  
Chaparana Asian Frogs 6    
Conraua Slippery Frogs 6    
Discodeles Webbed Frogs 5    
Euphlyctis Five-Fingered Frogs 4    
Fejervarya   31    
Hildebrandtia Ornate Frogs 3    
Hoplobatrachus Crowned Bullfrogs 4    
Huia Huia Frogs 5    
Indirana Indian Frogs 9    
Ingerana Eastern Frogs 10    
Lankanectes Sri Lankan Frogs 1    
Lanzarana Lanza's Frog 1    
Limnonectes Wart Frogs 52    
Meristogenys Borneo Frogs 8    
Micrixalus Tropical Frogs 11    
Minervarya   1    
Nannophrys Streamlined Frogs 3    
Nyctibatrachus Night Frogs 11    
Occidozyga Java Frogs 12    
Paa Paa Frogs 32    
Palmatorappia Solomon Island Palm Frogs 1    
Platymantis Wrinkled Ground Frogs 54    
Pseudoamolops   2    
Pterorana   1    
Ptychadena Ridged Frogs, Grass Frogs 47    
Pyxicephalus African Bullfrogs 3    
Rana Pond Frogs 241    
Sphaerotheca   7    
Staurois Splash Frogs 3    
Strongylopus Stream Frogs 9    
Tomopterna Sand Frogs 9    


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The Proper Care of Amphibians, John Coborn, TFH, 1992. Although I have been often critical of Coborn's books in the past - some, notably on lizards, have contained erroneous information - this is not a bad one. It is very useful for an oversight of all the amphibian families and contains some information on many species which are rarely seen in captivity.

Frogs, Toads and Treefrogs, RD and Patricia P Bartlett, Barron's Educational Series, 1996. This is a good book for details on the captive husbandry of the most common anurans you are likely to see offered in the pet trade.

Urania Tierreich: Fische, Lurche, Kriechtiere (various authors, but edited I believe by Professor Kurt Deckert: amphibian contributor was Dr Günther Freytag), Urania-Verlagsgesellschaft, Leipzig. Part of a 6-volume encyclopedia set on the animal kingdom and perhaps comparable to Grzimek's volumes, this volume provides a very useful overview of all the genera and many representative species.


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