Added 3 January 2005.

Family Bombinatoridae


The family Bombinatoridae contains 2 genera and about 10 species. The following is a list of the genera and their general characteristics and distribution.

Genus Common Name No. of species Distribution Notes
Barbourula Jungle Toads 2 Philippines and Borneo  
Bombina Fire-Bellied Toads 8 Europe and Asia  

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The Proper Care of Amphibians, John Coborn, TFH, 1992. Although I have been often critical of Coborn's books in the past - some, notably on lizards, have contained erroneous information - this is not a bad one. It is very useful for an oversight of all the amphibian families and contains some information on many species which are rarely seen in captivity.

Frogs, Toads and Treefrogs, RD and Patricia P Bartlett, Barron's Educational Series, 1996. This is a good book for details on the captive husbandry of the most common anurans you are likely to see offered in the pet trade.

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