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Hapsidophrys, Keeled Green Forest Snakes

Hardella, Brahminy River Turtle

Harpesaurus, Snout Agamas

Heleophrynidae, South African Ghost Frogs

Heliobulus, Bushveld Lizards

Hellbender, see Cryptobranchus allegianensis

Helminthophis worm snakes

Heloderma, Gila Monster and Beaded Lizard

Hemachatus, Rinkhals

Hemidactylium scutatum, Four-Toed Salamander

Hemidactylus, Half-Toed Geckos

Hemisphaeriodon gerrardi, Pink-Tongued Skink

Hemisotidae, Shovel-Snouted Frogs

Hemitheconyx geckos

Hemitheconyx caudinctus, (African) Fat-Tailed Gecko


~ as a pet


Experiences and observations of ~

Hemorrhois, European Whip Snakes


Heterodon snakes


~ as "Level 1" snakes


~ as "Level 2" snakes

Heteronotia geckos

Hieremys, Temple Turtles

Hog Island Boa, see Boa constrictor

Holaspis, Blue-Tailed Tree Lizard

Holodactylus, African Clawed Gecko/Dwarf Fat-Tailed Gecko

Homopholis, Velvet Geckos

Hoplodactylus Geckos

Hormonotus, Yellow Forest Snake/Ugandan House Snake

Hydromantes, Cave Salamanders, see Speleomantes

Hydrophiidae, Sea Snakes

Hydrophis seasnakes

Hydrosaurus, Sailfin Lizards

Hylidae, Tree Frogs


~ of Europe

Hynobiidae, Asian Salamanders

Hynobius salamanders

Hyperoliidae, Reed and Bush Frogs


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