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Gallotia lizards of the Canary Island

Garter snakes, see Thamnophis

Gastropholis, Keelbelly Ground Lizards

Gavialis gangeticus, Indian Gharial

Geckonia, Helmet Gecko



Geoemydidae, Asian Box and River Turtles, Roofed and Leaf Turtles

Geoscincus skinks

Gehyra Geckos

Gekko, True or Calling Geckos

Gekko gecko, Tokay Gecko


~ as a "Level 1" lizard


Experiences and observations of ~

Gekko vittatus, White-Lined/Skunk Gecko


~ as a "Level 1" lizard

Gekkonidae, Typical Geckos




Gerrhosaurus major, Sudan/African Plated Lizard


~ as a "Level 1" lizard


Experiences and observations of ~

Glyptemys, Bog and Wood Turtles

Gonatodes, Dwarf Geckos

Goniurosaurus, Cave Geckos

Gonocephalus, Angle-Head Agamid Lizards

Gonyosoma oxycephalum, Red-Tailed Rat Snake

Gowidon longirostris, Long-Snouted Water Dragon

Graciliscincus, Gracile Burrowing Skink

Green Iguana, see Iguana iguana

Green Lizard, see Lacerta viridis

Green Toad, see Bufo viridis

Gymnopthalmidae, Spectacled Lizards and Microteiids

Gymnophiona, see Caecilians


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