Added 17 August 2003: split from European Newts and Salamanders.

Newts and Salamanders of Europe

Genus Salamandrina - Spectacled Salamander

17 August 2003: Please note that this page will be updated shortly with more information on this species.

Salamandrina terdigitata, Spectacled Salamander    

Scientific Name Common Name Distribution Size Notes
Salamandrina terdigitata
Salamandrina terdigitata (Spectacled Salamander)
Spectacled Salamander Italy except parts of Adriatic coast 4" Prefers hilly country but seldom found above 1,300 m. Only European salamander to have four toes on each foot. This salamander has a brown back but crimson red ventral surface. They seem to estivate in the dry months of summer but are often active during the winter.

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