Last updated 6 February 2011: added article from Sauria 1989:1.

Periodical Index - Pygopods

A guide to pygopod lizard articles appearing in herpetogical periodicals over the past few years

Pygopodid lizards, almost all from New Guinea and Australia, are very underrepresented in the terrarium hobby outside Australia, mainly due to export restrictions but also perhaps due to lack of interest and knowledge, and uncertainty about diet. For this reason little appears in print in hobbyist magazines on this family. Australian herpetological publications probably feature more on these unusual lizards.


Articles by species, genus or higher taxa

Species Article Magazine Issue Author
Lialis burtonis, Burton's Legless/Snake Lizard The Reptiles of Kakadu National Park Rs 4:2 Karl Switak
Pygopus nigriceps, Hooded Scalyfoot The Portrait: ~ (FISCHER) SA 1988:2 W Grossmann

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