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Periodical Index - Herpetological History

A guide to general articles on herpetological history and personalities appearing in herpetogical periodicals over the past few years

The following is a guide to articles relating to the history or ongoing development of herpetology that have appeared within herpetological magazines within the last few years. It is an ongoing project, ie I am effectively cataloguing these entries myself from the actual magazines, some of which are harder to get hold of than others (especially when they are no longer being published!). I hope however that some people will find it useful, especially if researching a single species or looking for some care guidance.


AMP = Amphibia

German publication from the DGHT: focuses on captive husbandry and reproduction of amphibians. May now have been split into two separate magazines.


Quarterly herpetological magazine from the German Natur und Tier Verlag that usually focuses on a theme, eg agamid lizards or desert herpetofauna

E = Elaphe

German publication from the DGHT: focuses on captive husbandry and reproduction of reptiles and amphibians.

IR = International Reptilian

European magazine, published in UK. It may alternatively be known as the Reptilian, but we have kept the IR abbreviation to distinguish it from Reptilia and Reptiles.

PR = Pet Reptile

European magazine, published in UK. Slightly more "entry level" but contains some good articles. Wound up in 2001.

R = Reptilia

European magazine, published in Spain but produced in English, German and Spanish.

RH = Reptile Hobbyist

US magazine published by TFH. Merged with R&A to become R&AH (see below).

Rs = Reptiles

US magazine which bought out Vivarium. Despite the title, covers amphibians and invertebrates too. So far we have not added any articles from the magazine.

R&A = Reptile & Amphibian Magazine

Now sadly defunct, although back copies may be available at herp exhibitions, etc. For some years this was practically the only herp magazine for most non-scientific folk.

R&AH = Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist

Formed out of the merger of Reptile Hobbyist and Reptile & Amphibian Magazine: last issue November 2001

S = Salamandra

German magazine published by the DGHT (German Herptological Association) in English and German. So far we have not added any articles from the magazine. The DGHT also publishes magazines for each of their specialist groups, eg Radiata (tortoises), Lacerta (lacertid lizards), etc. From 2005 Salamandra will be published in both English and German.

V = Vivarium

Magazine associated with Advanced Herpetological Library and Philippe de Vosjoli. Bought out by Reptiles around about the turn of the century.






Oppel, Michael

Les tortues de Michael Oppel 




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