Added 5 August 2009. Last updated 24 December 2009 with article from PRK 8.

Periodical Index - Herp Photography

A guide to articles in herpetogical periodicals on photographing reptiles and amphibians over the past few years

The following is a guide to herp-related photography articles that have appeared within herpetological magazines within the last few years. It is an ongoing project, ie I am effectively cataloguing these entries myself from the actual magazines, some of which are harder to get hold of than others (especially when they are no longer being published!). I hope however that some people will find it useful, especially if researching a single species or looking for some care guidance.


Species Article Magazine Issue Author
In the picture PRK


Heather Angel
Photographing Reptiles and Amphibians R 60 Axel Kwet
Post-Processing Photos for Printing R 60 Ludger Hogeback
Little Animals Great Big. Notes on Lenses for Macro Photography R 60 Kriton Kunz
Tips and Tricks from a Pro R 60 Benny Trapp
Herp Photography Hints R 60 Bill Love
Bring 'em Back Alive - on Film! Reptile Road R&AH 6:8 R G Sprackland, Ph.D
Zur Ausführung wissenschaftlicher Buchillustrationen [Carrying out scientific book illustrations] EE 1/01 K Schmidt-Loske

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