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Periodical Index - General

A guide to general herpetological articles appearing in herpetogical periodicals over the past few years

The following is a guide to general herp-related articles that have appeared within herpetological magazines within the last few years. It is an ongoing project, ie I am effectively cataloguing these entries myself from the actual magazines, some of which are harder to get hold of than others (especially when they are no longer being published!). I hope however that some people will find it useful, especially if researching a single species or looking for some care guidance.


Species Article Magazine Issue Author
A Cage in Every Corner - and a Herp in Every Cage RH 3:8 Wayne Labenda
Achtung - Osspulvit in neuer Zusammensetzung! [Warning - Osspulvit in new composition!] SA 1986:3 M Griebel
Adapting to a Desert Existence Rs 11:9 Wayne Labenda
Albinos: A little colour goes a long way RH 2:11 Gail Reynolds
Alternative Therapy Holistic therapy for herptiles PR 46 Fred Holmes
Antibiotics and Oily Parasites Reptile Road R&AH 6:9 R G Sprackland, Ph.D
Appearances may not be everything, but.... R&AH 4:9 Wayne Labenda
Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians Response to the US Humane Society Release of Report on the Trade in Live Reptiles IR 6:7 Charles J Innis VMD, Teresa Bradley DVM,MO, Mark Mitchell DVM PhD, Elliot Jacobson DVM PhD DACZM, Dale DeNardo DVM PhD, Kevin Wright DVM, William Griswold DVM
Bring 'em Back Alive - on Film! Reptile Road 6:8 6:8 R G Sprackland, Ph.D
Bureaucracy Gone Mad? The Big Herp Issue IR 6:5 Jerry Cole
CITES Zimbabwe [R&A Quicks] RH 3:8 ?
Collecting Responsibly [Mailbag] Rs 5:8 Rick Staub
Common Mistakes Novice Herpers Make Rs 4:8 Margaret A Wissman DVM DABVP
Crash Course in Crossbreeding R 44 Martin Hallmen
Debate: Sense vs. Nonsense of Selective Breeding for Beauty R 44 Holger Schneider
Destructive collecting: the dark side of field collecting R&AH 4:9 Erik Loza
End of an era? CAPS get South Devon Creepy Crawly Show closed down PR 42 Jon Downes
Fachgerechte Konservierung und Präparation von Amphibien und Reptilien, Teil 1 - Konservierung [The proper preservation and preparation of amphibians and reptiles, part 1: preservation] SA 1988:3 F Paulduro
Fachgerechte Konservierung und Präparation von Amphibien und Reptilien, Teil 2 - Konservierung [The proper preservation and preparation of amphibians and reptiles, part 2: preparation] SA 1989:2 F Paulduro
Fachzeitschriften [Journals] SA 1988:2 H Bringsoe, W Grossmann & T Ulber
Fireflies, Herps Don't Mix [Reptile News & Trivia: Current Events] Rs 11:12 "Reptiles Staff"
Focus on Supplements for Insectivores PRK 3 Andy Tedder
Fungi and Bacteria: Benign species add a new dimension to your vivarium [The Living Vivarium] Rs 11:9 Rex Lee Searcey
Galapagos Seeks Settlement for Spill The Cage Papers R&AH 7:2 ?
Gebirge und Hochland  Reptilien und Amphibien in einem extremen Lebensraum [Mountains and highlands - reptiles and amphibians in an extreme habitat] D 27 Heiko Werning & Claudia Wolf
Getting to Grips with Genetics PRK 4 Andy Tedder
Hanging on for dear life (Part 1): Jersey Zoo in Antigua PR 44 Ron Toft
Hanging on for dear life (Part 2): Jersey Zoo and Conservation PR 45 Ron Toft
Hazards of the Great Outdoors: Things to Consider Before Taking Your Herps Outdoors Starting Out R&AH 6:8 Wayne Labenda
Heat Stroke Veterinary Consultation R 18 Dr Carlos López del Castillo
Herp Hints: Looking after a herptile for the first time PR 42 Terry Thatcher
Herp Hints: Springtime PR 44 Terry Thatcher
Herpetoculture as a Conservation Alternative R 15 Luis F Navarrete
Herpetologische Reise in Zoologische Gärten und Zoofachgeschäfte [Herpetological journeys in zoos and petshops] SA 1984:4 A Meyer & J Spycher
Herps of Big Bend National Park, Texas RH 2:3 Jerry G Walls
Hobby under Fire PR 44 Fred Holmes
How Many Herps are There? Part 1: Herps in Nature R&AH 6:9 Jerry G Walls
HSUS Calls For Reptile Ban Politics and Industry Rs 9:12 Wayne Hill & Russ Case
Indiana, Indiana... [Hobbyist Beware] RH 3:8 Jerry G Walls
Internet Herpetology [R&A Quicks on Contemporary Herpetology online magazine] RH 3:8 ?
Just What is a Species? RH 3:4 Jerry G Walls
Kurze Einführung in die Herptologie, Teil 1 [Brief Introduction to Herpetology, Part 1] SA 1982:4 W Denzer
Kurze Einführung in die Herptologie, Teil 2 [Brief Introduction to Herpetology, Part 2] SA 1983:1 W Denzer
Kurze Einführung in die Herptologie, Teil 1 [Brief Introduction to Herpetology, Part 3] SA 1983:2 W Denzer
Kurze Einführung in die Herpetologie, Teil 4 - Das Kopfskelett [Brief Introduction to Herpetology, Part 4 - the cranial skeleton] SA 1984:1 W Denzer
Money-Saving Tips for Maintaining Your Herps Starting Out R&AH 7:2 Wayne Labenda
Mutations - blessings or a curse? PRK 5 David Alderton
Mystery Reptiles of the World: Part One: Monsters of the Millenium PR 42 Jonathan Downes
Mystery Reptiles of the World: Part Three: The Father of All Turtles PR 44 Jonathan Downes
Mystery Reptiles of the World: Part Four: The Gambian Sea Serpent PR 45 Jonathan Downes
Mystery Reptiles of the World: Part Five: The Golden Frogs of Bovey Tracey PR 46 Jonathan Downes
National Society for the Protection of Pet Ownership (NSPPO) Listen up! PR 45 Marianne Adams
Nomenklatur in der Herpetologie [Nomenclature in herpetology] SA 1981:2 W Denzer
PIT [Passive Integrated Transponder] Tagging ["It's the PITS!.."] RH 4:2 Vince Brach, Ph.D
Postversand von lebenden Tieren [Sending live animals by post] SA 1989:2 W Grossmann
Practical housekeeping for the discerning reptile! PRK 3 Charles Thompson
Prevention rather than Treatment: Avoiding Health Problems associated with Captive Maintenance R 33 Tobias Eisenberg
Proposed Animal Welfare Bill poses new threat to animal keeping The Last Word IR 6:7 ?
Psst!! Are You Legal? RH 2:3 Jerry G Walls
Record Keeping for Reptile Keepers R 18 Joan Egert
Reflections: Tales from the Snake Pit RH 4:2 Michele Wismer
Regenwälder  Hotspots der Amphibien- und Reptilien-Vielfalt [Rainforests - hotspots of amphibian- and reptile diversity] D 15 Axel Kwet & Andreas Schlüter
The Reptile Trade Today is in Grave Danger IR 6:5 Peter Clark
Reptile Industry Broadens Political Influence Politics and Industry Rs 9:12 Wayne Hill
Reptiles: An appreciation [mildly humorous comparison of pros and cons of reptiles and dogs as pets] RH 4:2 Jeffrey Yule
Reptile Reflections R 18 Jon Coote
Review of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 IR 6:7 ?
Salmonella and Reptiles: the facts IR 6:5 Stephen J Divers & Martin P C Lawton
Salmonella in Reptiles R 33 Tobias Eisenberg
Salmonella: what reptile owners need to know PR 45 Mike Penman
Salmonella Prevention Herp Mail R&AH 6:9 Allen R Both
Schweben und Gleiten bei Amphibien und Reptilien [Hovering and gliding in amphibians and reptiles] SA 1986:1 H-J Herrmann
Selective Breeding for Color and Pattern R 44 Martin Hallmen
Setting Records [Herpetological Queries] Rs 4:2 Bill Love
Sexuální... tentokrát dimorfismus [Sexual... this time dimorphism] Ta 5 Luka Kratochvíl
Showing Your Stuff Starting Out RH 3:4 Vin Buccigrossi
Skin Deep Taxonomy [R&A Quicks on using electrophoretic studies to identify species] RH 3:11 ?
Smuggler of Endangered Reptiles Jailed The Cage Papers R&AH 7:2 ?
Some Reflections of a Reptile Keeper on the Moral Dilemmas of Reptile Keeping IR 6:5 Andy Devare
Take a break but remember your reptiles! [covers all vivarium pets] PRK 3 Jack Smith
Talking the game: telling your anterior from your posterior R&AH 4:9 Jerry G Walls
Terraristik und Paragraphen [Terrarium keeping and clauses] SA 1984:1 M Buhle
Terraristik und Paragraphen, Teil 2 [Terrarium keeping and clauses, Part 2] SA 1984:2 M Buhle
Terraristik und Paragraphen, Teil 3 [Terrarium keeping and clauses, Part 3] SA 1984:3 M Buhle
Terraristik und Paragraphen, Teil 4 [Terrarium keeping and clauses, Part 4] SA 1984:4 M Buhle
Terraristik und Paragraphen, Teil 5 [Terrarium keeping and clauses, Part 5] SA 1985:1 M Buhle
Terraristik und Paragraphen, Teil 7 [Terrarium keeping and clauses, Part 7] SA 1985:3 M Buhle
Terraristik und Paragraphen, Teil 8 [Terrarium keeping and clauses, Part 8] SA 1985:4 M Buhle
Terrianer als Verhaltensforscher ? - Betreiben wir unsere Tierhaltung wissenschaftlicher! [Terrarium keepers as behavioural researchers? - Let's make our animal keeping more scientific!] SA 1984:1 H Kantz
Terrarientechnik mit Tücken [Terrarium technology with pitfalls] SA 1987:2 U Kofahl
Terrarientiere einmal anders [Terrarium animals with a difference] SA 1982:3 A Gahr
Tick Check [R&A Quicks, on danger of tortoise ticks carrying heartwater disease] RH 3:10 ?
Tierschutzrechtliche Aspekte im Zusammenhang mit Haltung, Transport und Verfütterung von Futtertieren in der Terraristik [Legal aspects of animal welfare in relation to the keeping, transport and feeding of food animals in terrarium keeping] E 14:4 Petra Kölle & Johanna Möritz
Too Many Herps? Or Not Enough? [R&A Quicks, on European herpetological taxonomy and study by A Dubois] RH 3:11 ?
Trade Secrets: a look at the world of reptile trade PR 38 Sonja Klug
Totally Tropical Herping holiday in Barbados PR 42 Carole Nichols-Cunningham
UV Dangers [dangers of UV usage?] Herp Mail RH 2:3 ?
Veneno - Venom [article on venom in several groups of animals in the animal kingdom, including not only herps but also mammals, sea creatures and arachnids] R 17 David T Connaughton
Vet In Practice: Laser Surgery PR 42 Stephen Divers
Wasser in der Terraristik Teil 1: Die wasserchemischen Parameter [Water in the terrarium Part 1: the water chemical parameters] AMP 1/02 Ulrich Schmidt
Wasser in der Terraristik Teil 2: Wasseraufnahme von Terrarientieren und Erscheinungsformen von Wasser im Terrarium [Water in the terrarium Part 2: how terrarium animals take in water and the ways in which water appears in terrarium] AMP 2/02 Ulrich Schmidt
Wasser in der Terraristik Teil 3: Beeinflussung von Wasser [Water in the terrarium Part 3: adapting water] AMP 1/03 Ulrich Schmidt
Welche Folgen haben mediterrane Waldbrände für die Herpetofauna? [What are the consequences of Mediterranean forest fires for herpetofauna?] E 2/05 Rudolf Malkmus
Wham go the meat cleavers [controversy over use of herps in Oriental food markets in the US] R&A Quicks RH 2:3 ?
What's Your Favourite Nature Show? Herpetological Queries Rs 9:12 Bill Love
Will you still love me tomorrow? RSPCA warns of dangers of buying exotic pets PR 5 ?
Wüsten  kaltes Land unter heißer Sonne. Überlebensstrategien Wüsten bewohnender Amphibien und Reptilien [Deserts - cold land under hot sun. Survival strategies of desert-dwelling amphibians and reptiles] D 10 Thomas Wilms & Heiko Werning
Zum Thema - Nachzuchten [On the subject of.... offspring] SA 1988:3 W Grossmann & C Schäfer
Zur Ausführung wissenschaftlicher Buchillustrationen [Carrying out scientific book illustrations] EE 1/01 K Schmidt-Loske

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