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Periodical Index - Mantellids (Mantellas)

A guide to mantella frog articles appearing in herpetogical periodicals over the past few years

The following is a guide to mantella-related articles that have appeared within herpetological magazines within the last few years. It is an ongoing project, ie I am effectively cataloguing these entries myself from the actual magazines, some of which are harder to get hold of than others (especially when they are no longer being published!). I hope however that some people will find it useful, especially if researching a single species or looking for some care guidance.

This group of frogs is without among the most popular in the terrarium hobby, and this is reflected in the large number of articles on them. This list does not claim to be exhaustive but does encompass many of the articles published since the mid- to late 1990s.

Note that in the past 10-15 years, some of the Latin genus names have been changed or added to. Therefore if you can't find the name that you think a certain species goes under, look down the whole list.


Articles by species, genus or higher taxa

Species Article Magazine Issue Author
Mantella spp, Mantellas Photoreport R 7 Marc Staniszewski
~ Part 2 PR 5 Marc Staniszewski
~: interesting poisonous frogs of Madagascar     K Schmidt
Captive Care of ~ R&AH 6:8 Lenny Flank Jr
Goldfrösche im Terrarium [Mantellas in the terrarium] A 1/04 Sieglinde Fischer
Die madagassischen Pfeilgiftfrösche"  Haltung und Vermehrung von Mantella [The "Malagasy Poison Dart Frogs" - Keeping and Breeding Mantella D 19 Hartmut Lipp
Mantella aurantica, Golden Mantella Captive Care of Mantellas R&AH 6:8 Lenny Flank Jr
Mantella baroni, Painted Mantella Captive Care of Mantellas R&AH 6:8 Lenny Flank Jr
Mantella laevigata, Folohy Golden Frog Zur Biologie, Biometrie und Haltung bei ~ METHUEN & HEWITT, 1913 [On the biology, biometrics and husbandry of ~ METHUEN & HEWITT, 1913] SA 1992:4 F Glaw & M Vences
Mantella viridis, Green Mantella Captive Care of Mantellas R&AH 6:8 Lenny Flank Jr
Mantidactylus aerumnalis The advertisement call of ~ (Anura: Mantellidae), a terrestrial frog from the east coast of Madagascar S 46:2 Gonçalo M Rosa, Jean Noël & Franco Andreone
Field Expeditions and Regional Articles Magazine Issue Author
General Frog/Toad Articles Magazine Issue Author
Bau eines künstlichen Wasserfalls aus Styropor [Construction of an artificial waterfall from Styrofoam] D 3 D Löhmann

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