First added 27 January 2000. Last updated 31 March 2008.

Periodical Index - Frogs & Toad Husbandry

A guide to general frog- and toad husbandry articles appearing in herpetogical periodicals over the past few years

The following is a guide to anuran-related articles that have appeared within herpetological magazines within the last few years. It is an ongoing project, ie I am effectively cataloguing these entries myself from the actual magazines, some of which are harder to get hold of than others (especially when they are no longer being published!). I hope however that some people will find it useful, especially if researching a single species or looking for some care guidance.


Articles by species, genus or higher taxa

General Frog/Toad Articles Magazine Issue Author
All is Fair in Love and War: Combat in Male Frogs R&AH 6:10 Carl J Franklin
Amphibian Decline: History and Current Research R 36 Stefan Lötters
Regenrückhaltebecken als Ersatzlebensräume für Kreuzkröte und Teichfrosch [rainfall catchment basins as substitute habitat for Natterjack Toads and Pond Frogs] E 1/05 Detlef Münch
Some Downunder Frogs from Down Under RH 2:2 John Coborn
Substrate for Amphibians Herp Mail R&AH 7:1 Allen R Both
Wintering Frogs and Toads RH 2:3 Mary Catherine La Mar

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