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A look at the Family Agamidae



A relatively new genus created after the systematic revision of Calotes.




M. acanthocephalus, Green Crestless Forest Lizard

M. ellioti, Elliott's Forest Lizard

M. montanus

M. rouxii, Thai False Bloodsucker

Species Name

Common Name





M. acanthocephalus

Green Crestless Forest Lizard

India (S Western Ghats, Tamil Nadhu)

?? SVL 

Formerly assigned to Calotes.

M. ellioti

Elliott's Forest Lizard

India (Western Ghats)

SVL 70 cm: TL 87 cm

Scalation details: 53-60 scale rows around midbody. Coloration: dorsum is olive-brown characterised by more or less distinct dark-brown angular cross-bars. A white spot below the eye is another essential characteristic of this species. [SOURCE: Murthy]

M. e. ellioti





M. e. amarambalamensis




There appears to be doubt about the validity of this subspecies: see Reptile Database entry for details.

M. montanus


W Malaysia



M. rouxii

Forest Calotes, Forest Bloodsucker

India (Travancore)

25cm TL [Murthy: SVL 7cm, TL 24cm]

Arboreal, widely distributed in the forests of its range. It may be confused with young C. versicolor but can be distinguished from the latter by the presence of a distinct dark fold across the neck and two slender spines on each side of the back of the head. Scalation details: 50-60 scales around midbody. Coloration: overall brown with markings. Reproduction: breeding season is May-September. During this time the head and a narrow strip along the back of the male turn bright red. Females lay a clutch of 4-9 eggs. [SOURCE: Daniel, Murthy]  


“A systematic revision of Calotes Cuvier, 1817 (Squamata: Agamidae) from the Western Ghats adds two genera and reveals two new species”, Saunak Pal, S P Vijakakumar, Kartik Shanker, Aditi Jayaran, V Deepak, Zootaxa Vol 4482 No 3, September 2018.

“A Field Guide to the Lizards of Western Ghats”, T S N Murthy, Records of the Zoological Survey of India, Miscellaneous Publication Occasional Paper no. 72, Calcutta, 1985.