Added 28 December 2009.

A look at the Family Agamidae


Laungwala Toad-Headed Lizard


The genus Bufoniceps contains the single species B. laungwalensis, formerly considered part of the genus Phrynocephalus. Arnold ascribed it to the new genus after noting certain dissimilarities with Phrynocephalus, viz: scleral ossicles not reduced in number to 10-11; external ear opening present; tail not habitually raised and curled, and distinctly short.

This is a desert lizard found only in Rajasthan State, India. I have not come across any articles on the species being kept in captivity or seen any offered for sale. A tentative suggestion could be made that captive conditions (assuming import and captivity of the species is legal!) might be similar to those for Phrynocephalus species.

Species Name Common Name Distribution Size Notes
B. laungwalensis  Toad-Headed Dragon India (W Rajasthan State) SVL 7 cm Desert dwelling species that burrows into sand but does not create burrows. Diet is a variety of insects and lizards (the latter presumably smaller than itself). Scalation details: overall small and uniform. Tail: shorter than body. Other: digits fringed with flat, pointed scales; ear opening very small, tympanum deeply set; nostrils close together on top of short snout; no dewlap, crest or other typical agamid ornamentation; no femoral or preanal pores. Coloration: Dorsally grey with orange, red, black and white spots; dark vertebral stripe may be present. Reproduction: no details available.



JSTOR has a link to the beginning and abstract of E N Arnold's paper in the Journal of Herpetology Vol 26 No 4, 1992.