German Gebirgsjäger Company in SASL

The following is an adaptation for SASL of Steven Swann's article in the General 27:1.

The Gebirgsjäger (German mountain troops) were considered an elite formation and are normally portrayed as such in most ASL scenarios. They also took part in some major campaigns during the war, including most memorably Narvik and Crete. My suggested recreation of a Gebirgsjäger company for SASL is as follows:


Leader x 3: 4-6-8 x 11: 2-4-8 x 2: 1-2-7 x 5: LMG x 3: HMG x 1: MMG x 1: Lt. Mtr x 3: ATR x 2


Leader x 3: 4-6-8 x 9: 2-4-8 x 2: 2-2-8 x 2: 1-2-7 x 2: LMG x 3: HMG x 1: MMG x 1: 81* MTR x 2: PSK x 2 [ATR instead if pre 10/43]

In addition, all members of the company are allowed Scaling [B23.424] and Skis [E4], and have Winter Camouflage [E3.712] in any Snow scenarios. Extreme Winter penalties do not apply, regardless of their effects on any other German or Axis troops in the scenario. The SAN is increased by 1 for Gebirgsjäger.

Because the composition of this force and its attributes make it quite powerful in SASL terms, S12.321 should apply, ie the AC# should be increased by 1 if not already the maximum allowed for the scenario. This would be especially appropriate to Norwegian scenarios, particularly around Narvik, where historically the Gebirgsjäger were outnumbered and almost forced into internment, saved only by the withdrawal of Allied forces following the success of the German blitzkrieg in the Low Countries and France. It is also appropriate to the Caucasus campaign, where Stavka threw in a good many Soviet units to try to slow the advance of the mountain troops southwards.

Other German mountain units

Mr Swann's article also covers the SS units that were covered by the generic term "Mountain Division". These can be recreated along the same lines with the following exceptions:

6th and 7th SS Gebirgsjäger use 6-5-8 counters. SAN is not increased by 1 as it is for the 4-6-8-equipped formations.

Other SS Gebirgsjäger use Axis Minor 4-4-7 counters and but still start with 3 Leaders to reflect the mainly German leadership. As per Mr Swann's article, ATRs are used throughout the war, including the post 9/43 period when other units were receiving PSKs. ELR is always 1 lower than normal for German troops of that period. SAN is not increased by 1 as it is for the 4-6-8-equipped formations.

I have not amended much in Steve Swann's article other than to remove the 81* MTRs for the early-war companies. In my opinion this would have made the Gebirgsjäger just a bit too strong within the SASL system.

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