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Asian River Turtles, Leaf & Roofed Turtles, Asian Box Turtles

A large family of freshwater turtles found mainly in Asia, with the exception of Rhinoclemmys which are found in Latin America. Quite a number are seen in the pet trade, but the danger to the wild populations comes less from collecting for hobbyists than from unrestricted collecting for Asian food markets and traditional medicine.

Some of these turtles are fairly hardy and easy to keep, and it is urged that all keepers therefore do their utmost to achieve captive breeding in the light of the difficulties that some of these species are in.

Genus Common Name No. of species Distribution Notes
Batagur Batagur 1 Burma (Irrawaddy River),
S Thailand, S Vietnam, West Malaysia, Indonesia (Sumatra),
India, Bangladesh
Callagur Biuku 1 S Thailand, W Malaysia,
Indonesia (Sumatra, Borneo)
Chinemys Asian Pond Turtles  3 S China, N Vietnam, Hainan, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong  
Cuora Asian Box Turtles 11 Mainly China, also India and SE Asia inc. Philippines and Indonesia  
Cyclemys Leaf Turtles 4 China and SE Asia inc. Indonesia  
Geoclemys Black Pond Turtle 1 S Pakistan, N India, Bangladesh Protected under CITES I. 
Geoemyda Black-Breasted Leaf Turtle  3 Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia  
Hardella Brahminy River Turtle 1 N India, Bangladesh, Pakistan  
Heosemys Asian Forest Turtles  5 Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, India  
Hieremys Yellow-Headed Temple Turtle 1 Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia  
Kachuga Roofed or Tent Turtles 7 Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Burma, also China  
Malayemys Snail-Eating Turtle 1 S Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, probably S Burma, Malaysia,
Mauremys Caspian, Japanese and Asian Yellow Pond Turtles 8 Vietnam, S Russia, S Europe, Middle East, China, S Japan, SW Europe, NW Africa, Nainan, Taiwan, Burma  
Melanochelys Indian Black Turtles  2 Indian subcontinent inc. islands, Nepal, Burma  
Morenia Eyed Turtles 2 NE India, Bangladesh, Burma, China, NW Malaysia  
Notochelys Malayan Flat-Shelled Turtle 1 Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, West Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore  
Ocadia Chinese Striped-Neck Turtle  3 China, also Vietnam  
Orlitia Malayan Giant Turtle 1 Malaysia, Indonesia  
Pyxidea Keeled Box Turtle 1 China (Hainan Island), Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, E India  
Rhinoclemmys Wood Turtles 9 Mexico, C & South America as far south as Brazil and Ecuador  
Sacalia Eyed Turtle  2 China, Vietnam  
Siebenrockiella Siamese Temple Turtle 1 S Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore  


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