Added 1 June 2005.

ASL scenarios found in the General

This is certainly not a complete listing, but does include several reworkings of old SL scenarios which may not be available elsewhere. Now that the General is out of print (and has been for a few years following Avalon Hill's demise), players may find the following useful especially if bidding on E-bay.

Scenario Nationalities General # Comments
Historical A: Ghosts in the Rubble German-Russian 27:1 Russia 10/42 (a Red Barricades scenario)
G12: Avalanche! German-Russian 27:1 Russia 2/43 (Caucasus battle that accompanies article in same issue on German Gebirgsjäger)
T5: The Poupeville Exit German-US 27:2 6/44 (subsequently reprinted in ASL Classic)
T6: The Dead of Winter German-Russian 27:2 12/44 (subsequently reprinted in ASL Classic)
T7: Hill 253.5 Russian-German 27:3 Russia 7/43 (Kursk, northern salient)
T8: Aachen's Pall German-US 27:3 Germany 10/44
G13: A View from the Top German-US 27:5 Italy 2/45 (this scenario accompanies the article in the same issue on the US 10th Mountain Division).
T9: Niscemi-Biscari Highway US-German 28:1 Sicily 7/43
T10: Devil's Hill German-US 28:1 Holland 9/44
T11: The Attempt to Relieve Peiper US-German 28:2 Belgium 12/44
T12: Hunters from the Sky German-US 28:2 Germany 3/45 (features a US airdrop)
G14: Tiger, Tiger Russian-German 28:3 Russia 2/43 (this is a pure tank battle somewhat akin to "Paw of the Tiger"
R: Burzevo German-Russian 28:3 Russia 12/41 (night attack with T-34s)
G15: Bone of Contention Partisan-German 28:4 France 8/44 (German 4-3-6s have to KO two abandoned PzVGs)
S: The Whirlwind US-German 28:4 Germany 4/45 (the only AFV is a Wirbelwind)
G17: Hakkaa paalle Russian-Finnish 29:2 Finland 1/40 (both sides are Ski-equipped and have Winter Camouflage)
G18: Goya German-US 29:2 Belgium 1/44
G19: A Tough Nut to Crack Japanese-Australian 29:3 Papua New Guinea 1/43
G20: Camp Nibeiwa Italian-British/Indian 29:3 Egypt 12/40
G23: Habbaniya Heights Iraqi-British 29:5 Iraq 5/41 (Iraqis are represented by Axis Minor squads)
G24: Mountain comes to Mohammed Iranian-British 29:5 Iran 8/41 (Iranians are represented by Axis Minor squads)
T: Pavlov's House Russian-German 29:6 Russia 10/42 (Stalingrad)
Deluxe B: The Kiwis Attack German-New Zealand 29:6 Italy 3/44 (Monte Cassino)
G35: Going to Church German-Canadian 31:2 France 8/44
G36: Hill of Death German-British 31:2 France 7/44 (combined arms on Hill 112)
G37: Forth Bridge German-British 31:3 Germany 4/45 (includes Churchill bridgelaying tank)
V: Auld Lang Syne US-German 31:3 France 1/45
G38: Castello Fatato Russian-Italian 31:4 Russia 12/42 (features Bersaglieri Human Wave at Night in Steppe Terrain)
G39: A Desperate Affair British-German 31:4 Crete 5/41 (German airdrop)
G40: Will to Fight... Eradicated German-Polish 31:5 Poland 9/39 (includes use of Cellar rules from RB)
G41: Jabo! German-US 31:5 Belgium 12/44 (air attack vs KGP column - uses KGP2 map)
G42: The Youth's First Blood German-British 31:6 France 6/44
G43: Kangaroo Hop German-Canadian 31:6 France 9/44 (features Kangaroo-borne assault on fixed defences)
G44: Abandon Ship! German-US 32:2 Belgium 12/44
G45: Halha River Bridge Russian-Japanese 32:2 Manchukuo 8/39 (low-density scenario involving bridge over stream in desert terrain)
G46: Triumph Atop Taraldsvikfjell German-French/ Norwegian 32:3 Norway 5/40
W: The Defense of Luga German-Russian 32:3 ASL reworking of the old COI scenario 17

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